As I sit here today, there is less than a week to go until the official launch of my new business Expert Recruits, a Surrey based legal staffing agency.

I’m so excited I’ve barely slept and whilst you might assume that it is my business development strategy or professional branding that’s keeping me awake, it is in fact an extremely significant honour that I have been trusted with.

A few months ago I happened to walk in to my living room and although I had meant to just pass on through, instead I was stopped dead in my tracks. An advertisement was screening on the television that captured my whole being.

The story of an amazing family who travelled abroad to the Philippines, discovering a desperate and overwhelming need for children’s surgery, and how Bill Magee, a plastic surgeon and his wife Kathy a nurse and clinical social worker, set out to make a difference for families with cleft lips and cleft palates all around the world. Their actions, journey and continued campaign humbled me and brought me to tears. It was an easy decision to donate the funds to change a child’s smile.

At the time, my Husband and I had begun clearing space in the garage to make way for some home renovations and my cherished childhood rocking horse had been put up for sale on eBay, then and there I decided to donate the ponies proceeds to Operation Smiles crusade. I was very pleased that my beautiful horse which had brought my children and me so much pleasure over the years would be making another family somewhere in the world even happier.

Several weeks later the post arrived and I sat at my desk to open two envelopes. The first was a letter of incorporation from Companies House, my specialist employment agency was registered and could soon begin trading. The second was a letter of thanks from Operation Smile, outlining all their work and outstanding achievements over the past year, highlighting what a difference my donation would make to children in desperate need… their letter made me smile the most. Once again, it was an easy decision to make. Connecting via LinkedIn I emailed the corporate partnership team to enquire how my very new, small business could go about raising funds to support their efforts. I knew that I was supposed to help make a difference.

I was soon introduced to some of the most passionate and inspiring people I have ever met and I was set alight with all our shared fundraising ideas, events and engagement opportunities for Expert Recruits in support of this beautiful and worthy cause. What could be more heart-warming than knowing we have not only made our candidates and clients smile, but transformed a child’s life in the process of making a legal professional’s career dreams come true!

Today, I feel honoured to have signed a Corporate Partnership agreement with Operation Smile and even more excited… as well as just a little anxious to have been asked by the team to work as a Business Ambassador for the charity (it turns out I wasn’t the only one inspired on our conference calls). Besides “mummy” this is by far my proudest title and as I sit here in my office, still with a to-do list as long as my arm and a new business launch underway, I am considering and continuously brainstorming all the ways I can justify their belief in me.

I’m sure I’ll never feel worthy of this title but I am absolutely determined to do my utmost to fulfil my duty to this exceptional non-profit organisation. I’m overwhelmed by the thought of how my hard work and determination to build Expert Recruits can now impact young children in need along with their families.

Three months ago I set out to launch a business with the intention of making a difference and adding value within the legal industry, I am still just as passionate about that cause as ever. However, the goals keeping me awake at night are how I can combine that with delivering as many smiles as possible, helping to change children’s lives all around the world and living up to the title of Business Ambassador for this wonderfully worthy cause.

You’ll see on our charity page that I have committed to donating the funds required to give a new smile to a child with every permanent vacancy we fill. For those that wish to be kept up to date and be involved, we will be sure to share our journey with you throughout the year and promise tons of fun, networking opportunities, events and engagement activities in honour of this terrific opportunity to gift smiles and change children’s lives forever, children just like beautiful Brittany (in the photo above) and Nazifa (in the video on our charity partnership page).

For those of you wishing to hear more, do get in touch – We’d love to hear from you.