I’ll have a little bet that the fear of professional failure is a common concern for most of us. It can be what drives us to excel and achieve yet it can just as easily become our cage, stopping us from living our best lives and fulfilling our hopes and dreams.

Fear of failing may mean you haven’t told your Boss you are ready for a promotion. It may stop you from answering that oh so flattering in mail from a head hunter on LinkedIn or picking up the phone and speaking openly and honestly about your circumstances to someone like me. It may mean you are still responding to your bosses emails late at night or panicking that you weren’t the first to respond at 6am – hey I’ve been there!

As a Recruiter I have known the fear of failure to have stopped many a candidate from moving forward with their career path, those who felt over worked, undervalued or underpaid and I have helped plenty who have felt all three! As such fear of failure can reduce our earning potential, affect our personal lives, relationships and most critically impact our health, self worth and emotional wellbeing. I have worked with people who were fearful of their line manager, of company targets or expectations, corporate culture and even their own colleagues and coworkers.

The fear of failure might stop you from taking that career leap you so desire. It might make you refrain from taking up a new qualification or you might opt for a counter offer instead of taking that one-time chance with another company you worked hard to gain a job offer, development opportunity and salary increase with. It stops you clicking “apply” to a vacancy you suspect (and I know) that you are capable of. It hinders your chances of broadening your horizons, learning new technologies, up-skilling yourself and working with new projects and teams.

I have helped hundreds of candidates whose heads were full of nerves at the thought of failing at interview stage or stepping up to ask for more money, whilst being confident of their own worth and capabilities.

It’s refreshing to have these conversations on a daily basis and I’m always excited to tell people that our role is not only to find people their dream job or help them further their career, advance their personal circumstances, reduce the commute, improve on their company culture, team fit, financial situation, corporate benefits, training, responsibilities and development opportunities or just provide them with more flexibility (yes we do all of that and no we’re not magicians, just plain old recruiting experts) but more often than not it is just as important and even more rewarding for us to have helped you overcome all these fears and obstacles beforehand. We are the experts after all and with a little time, coaching, market and salary led intelligence as well as a friendly and honest boost of confidence we have helped so many candidates overcome their fears of professional failure.

As I sit here today, I am considering my own fear of failure. Today marked an exciting milestone for me both personally and professionally. After 12 successful years of working in recruitment I incorporated my own business Expert Recruits with Companies House. But I am not celebrating, at least not yet.  What is it I am afraid of? I am still asking myself.

Like any decent recruiter the fear of failure motivates me to always be my best, in fact it keeps me awake at night. You see I am truly as passionate about helping people today as I was on my very first day in the job all those years ago… Us Recruiters may get a bad reputation but I like to think most of us go in to this career for the right reasons. Launching a new business in the middle of a pandemic isn’t easy but I know post covid I’ll not lose my grip of this fear I have, nor take my feet off the ground because of it.

Despite my fear of failure, with the climate as it is and unemployment at an all-time high I realise there’s more a need for Expert Recruits than ever before. Today I am stronger, more resilient and more in love with my career choice than ever and I have never been more sure about the importance of doing things the right way. Let’s not let fear fail us! Now or in the future if you feel that the fear of professional failure is stopping you from getting ahead, get in touch with us in complete confidence day or night – you know where I am!

Our promise is that we shall dedicate ourselves to supporting you. Be it with market insights or salary updates, CV or interview advice, career opportunities that are right for you or just to lend an ear and put the world to rights. We’re here!

We’d love to hear from you.